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How to contact the Electrolux Service Center and product guarantee conditions

In this article , we will contact the product guarantee conditions and how to contact the Electrolux Services Center .  Yes, Electrolux itself is a multi-national company where it produces large-scale electronic products originating from Sweden.

The company is targeting the middle class , so it is actually very famous that its products are priceless , but by quality , they are actually reliable . The company , which originates from Sweden , has been established since 1919 and continues to exist even today .

Even today , Electrolux IB has exported its products in more than 150 countries , and Electrolux is the second largest home electronic equipment manufacturer in the category after Whirlpool . The Electrolux  Service Centre can also have 24-hour access to the product so that it can be answered immediately if there is a problem or question about the product .

What is interesting about his products is that they are not only designed in such a way that they are really quality , modern and complex , but also consistent with the environment , air and design. There is no wonder that products are really famous for the middle class because they are very helpful for home activities  .

About the company and the products offered

Electrolux itself can be said to be from the international home appliance company , which has sold more than 40 million products every year so far . Tens of millions of these products have reached 150 countries, where products are also easily accessible to the initiative and services of the Electrolux Services Centre.

As a home appliance brand known in different countries , Electrolux does not eat household appliances every year . According to the report , the company ‘s products can last a long time or so it is highly recommended for the long term how you only need to spend money at the beginning .

Home products offer a variety of washing machines , pots , refrigerators , empty cleaning , columns and many more . Even electrolux sells enough manufacturers where this caffeinated product has a complex appearance and beautiful design from electrolux .

To this end , you only need  to contact the Electrolux Services Centre if you experience problems with purchase products .   Refrigerators and washing machines are home products that are really loved by consumers in different countries , for example , such as the latest product , the electrolux face loads EWF 8005.

EWF 8005 can even secure electricity up to 70%. This washing machine is said to allow you to wash clothes on a low road and is even very good for keeping color . These panels are also so simple that although they are complex , they do not make it difficult for karunki .

In addition to the washing machine , the latest product is also available , where you feel it is a simple and small shape , so it is highly recommended for personal use where the capacity is only 46 litres . The electricity needed is also very small , with only 50 roads .

Product guarantee from Electrolux , SyraT and  KitAntiania

The Electrolux Service Centre serves customers within specified hours , working hours if you experience problems or there are things you want to ask about the product . But before that , you can  see the Electrolux Indonesia website , which www.electrolux.co.id .

If you want to ask about georgian products and their conditions , you should first get information via the website . Where this home appliance company provides a suitable long but different warranty period in each product you buy .

For example , for all face washing machines where you can get guarantees of up to 2 years . There is even a 10-year guarantee for all refrigerator compressors , cars and face washing machines , calculated from the date of purchase . On the record you can show the purchase receipt and the original warranty card to the electrolux technician .

In order to get a guarantee , make sure you buy from the electrolux market , never replace the original electrolux product because if it has been repaired elsewhere or other technicians , the warranty will be revoked .

For more questions about Graj , you can also send  a message through the Electrolux Services Centre .  Where Electrolux itself can be contacted in many ways ,  you  can contact the Service Centre directly if you do not find a response from the website .

Contact the Service Centre via hotline

If you have any questions or obstacles you want to transmit , you can contact the Indonesian electronic website as discussed above , www.electrolux.co.id . Through the official electrolyte website , you can find different types of information about products , to interesting events .

But if you are still not satisfied with the information you find on the official website , then you can click at the discretion of contacting us . In this option , you will be directed to Kotlin Electrolux , which is at a high price throughout Indonesia at 080 4111 9999, which is IDR 450 per minute.

By telephone at hotline services  or at the Electrolux Service Centre , you can talk about two ways that if there is a problem , this can be solved immediately  . If there are urgent questions or complaints , you can call the hotline number .

Contact the Service Centre via e-mail and Voiceapp

If you do not want to spend money , you can then submit complaints or questions via SMS , WiseApp or e-mail . For Customer Care SMS Services , call 081 1833 97 but make sure to contact 08.30 to 16.30 on active days or working hours , Monday to Friday .

Then for Saturday , you can do SMS at 08.30 to 13.30 for customer care . In the customer care number above , you can not only send SMS but also send messages through the WhatsApp application chat and the answer will be given within the hours mentioned above .

You can also contact the Electrolux Service Centre using customer care services , in customercare@electrolucx.co.id , not only present complaints and some questions , you can get repair services by contacting customer care   .

Even the company has several social media accounts in the field of home appliances such as Facebook : @Electroluxindonesia , Entagas : @Electroluxindonesia , YouTube : Electrolux Indonesia and Twitter : @ElectroluxID . So you can’t just send e-mail or SMS and WSApp .

You can also send direct messages about official electrolux social media accounts . Then you can also get the latest information about products in these accounts that you will not lose the latest electrolux products . In addition , electronic products are very useful for home work .

You can get kitchen products from rice cooking rice , pampered ang roti and others. There are also home care products , washing equipment that makes it easier for modern housewives  .  The services  of the Electrolux  Service Center can also be easily obtained if you have a lot of questions about the product .

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