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How to make a BCA Credit Card for ACC speeds

A few people  don’t think it’s too difficult how to make a BCA credit card: BCA is the largest private bank in Indonesia Each year in the community BCA grows into the best private bank in products, services and other products.

Various services and products are provided by BCA, a credit card. Among the various credit cards offered by banks It can be said that there are many enthusiasts on credit cards from the BCA, and even every day there are people who want to apply for a BCA credit card.

Paying  by using a credit card is considered more enjoyable and practical; we need to pay the whole bill by the end of the month.

Even for businessmen, credit cards can be used to purchase goods for manufacturing needs and can only make payments in terms of amount of expense by the end of the month, so it is high If you’re more interested in using a BCA credit card, here’s how to get your full information with your BCA credit card.

Benefits of having a BCA credit card

Having a BCA credit card will undoubtedly provide a range of benefits compared to credit cards from other banks. You can enjoy competitive credit interest rates, and interest rates are very attractive on all BCA credit cards that use a visa or Master Card.

Second, you can shop calmly abroad, and you can shop abroad  by using  a credit card from the BCA safely and safely, as well as this resource The foreign exchange rate belonging to the card is extremely low: the BCA even provides BCA travel that will help you during foreign vacation periods.

Third, payments are received in real time, and if you support the BCA ATM, the BCA phone, or beER from the BCA.  If you make a credit card payment by using  it as an offence, you  automatically increase the amount of limit you increase immediately at the time, despite making payments on holidays.

There is a fourth, vast merchant network. It’s very sought after how to make a BCA credit card , one of which is because of this benefit. The date is very extensive, supported even by more than 1,200 branches spread across the country. The BCA has even collaborated with 6,500 merchants.

CC BCA Types You Should Know

The BCA provides a broad selection of credit card types and varies according to payment. The killing is also different, so you can adjust your needs and income.

  1. Many BCA cards contain a number of cards included in the BCA card category like the Daily Card, as well as a platinum card limited to 20 million IDRs. Eventually, there is a limit of 3 million IDRs and an annual fee of 125 thousand IDRs, and it is quite easy how to make a BCA credit card.


  1. BCA Mastercard. The BCA Mastercard card category has 20 million platinum categories limited to IDR, while annual fees are 450 million IDRs, ID in the black category There are 20 million Rs, 450 million IDRs annually, and eventually there are 3 million limits and 3 million annual fees of 125 million IDRs.


  1. BCA Visa Card. Visa Batman has a limit of 125 thousand IDRs and 3 million IDRs annually. The annual fee of 500 thousand YDr and a 20 million IDR How a BCA black credit card can be made  is quite difficult, but the limit given is huge.


  1. BCA JCB card categories are divided into two categories of the BCA JCB card. This credit card product Information about annual fees and card restrictions can be contacted directly with the BCA as it is actually a special product.

How to make your BCA credit card

Before making a credit card from the BCA, you must make sure that the BCA meets the various requirements granted. 21 and at least 65 years old, after which monthly earnings are Rp.4 million and at least RP3 million for some cards.

Evidence of income for employees and professionals, documents to be prepared when you want to apply for a card such as an ID card. Additionally, other files, such as photos of savings accounts, are a professional license for those of you who work as NPWPs, professionals, and self-employed  for a business establishment franchise.

If a variety of documents are complete, you can make a BCA credit card online and offline. If you want to apply, you can go to the BCA website directly or through financial services that have partnered with the BCA.

If you choose to apply for a credit card offline, you only need to visit the nearest BCA branch and bring a variety of documents. It will help you manage the app for the card app, fill in all the forms that provide customer service and fully fill in, so you can manage the card faster.

To receive tips for BCA Credit Appliations

It is very easy  to create a BCA credit card, but in order to receive your credit card application, you must meet a variety of conditions. All documents must be completed, and make sure the requested documents meet your needs, so make the application processable quickly.

Second, make sure you have good credit history. Bank BCA doesn’t really want to accept applications if it has a bad credit history. so at least too much Make sure you don’t have the interest lease installed for the last six months or the history of unprocessed credit, and if you still have pieces, be sure to pay the time.

Third, the income meets the required standards of the bank, explaining that the minimum income must be 3 million IDRs and that there are some cards with IDR 4 million. Make sure that the income is appropriate, and that certain types of jobs may be considerably at risk, so that if you can start saving for the use of the BCA, you have adequate savings there.

Fourth, a BCA account has sufficient savings – in fact, if you have enough money in your BCA account, then No, it would be easier if you had been a BCA customer for many years, and by becoming a loyal customer, the bank would take a good look at your application.

A BCA credit card may actually be the best choice for those who want to have a credit card with professional and complete services, especially monthly d How to make a BCA credit card  is also very easy and the process is very quick, so what you’re waiting for.

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