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 How to use  J&D Call Center services very easily

Not many know how to use the services of the J&D call centre.  Although customer service can be accessed 24 hours a day non-stop. It can even be said that it is a highly recommended trip, and it still works during the holidays  . So it not only works 24 hours a day, but also operates without a holiday.

J&D doesn’t really recognize holidays, even national holidays and weekends still operate as usual. So for those of you who have an online business, it seems that this will be the best solution, so that the goods you buy can easily reach consumers even if the transaction is carried out during the holidays.

J&T thane  is a multinational company engaged in the travel industry, although headquartered in Jakarta and has the name of the company with ordering warehouses in Semerang and Surabaya. As the youngest travel service in Indonesia, J&T has always strived for maximum service to the satisfaction of its customers.

So  you can submit questions, suggestions or reviews through  customer service or the J&D call centre. For those of you who are still confused about which medium to communicate customer service through, you are in the right article because we will review it in detail.

Via J&T Travel Official Hotline

You can access this one service for free even in the beginning.  In 2018, the free hotline was canceled and the charges started to be replaced with the payment service depending on the rates of the respective carriers. So you can contact the hotline service on 021-8066-1888 in the following way:

  1. Dial the hotline number listed as 021-8066-1888
  2. After dialing the hotline number, you will be connected to the operator
  3. You can press an extension that is designed to suit your needs

This is a service that is highly recommended because customers can communicate in both ways until they find a solution. So if you experience problems in the place of sending or receiving goods, you can contact customer service directly on the hotline.

There is no holiday for this J&D call center , so you can contact any time you need it. In addition, it can be accessed non-stop for 24 hours, which makes it easier to consult customers directly. Contacting the call center through the hotline service is actually more advisable than other methods.

Send an email to the e-mail address of the trip

In fact, there are many other ways to contact J&D other than the hotline service, where you have to pay a fee because the hotline is not free. One of them is to send an email so  that you can submit in writing about critical suggestions or complaints.

J&T responds well to incoming emails so that you can send complaints, reviews, or suggestions via email address. If you truly choose to contact customer service via the email address, focus on writing down the critical suggestions or complaints you report.

Don’t forget to fill in the email material with the main points  you report, and then explain in detail to the body of the email. If there are issues or complaints, you should use the listing method, because it makes it easier for the J&D call center to handle the complaints.

Instead of writing in the paragraph, you should write it as a list so that the essence of the complaint can be clearly expressed.   If you’ve been around for a long time, there’s usually a miscommunication, so you need to repeat what you want to report, of course it takes time and the problem isn’t resolved quickly.

Contacting J&D’s social media accounts

In an era of increasingly sophistication, it seems that there is no need to be confused if you want to contact the customer service of a large company. Also, it is easier to get all the information you need to browse search engines or browsers by using internet media.

Nowadays, almost all the big companies have their own social media accounts to introduce their products to the public. You should find a social media account if you experience complaints or issues so that they can be easily reported in a simple way.

Similarly with J&T, if you want to contact the J&D call centre, but since you have to spend a budget where the rate will be adjusted to the provider used to call the hotline number, you can send a direct message through the social media accounts of DM or J&D.

Especially now many people prefer data sets rather than packages to call, so you can contact the administrator through their social media. Nowadays, there is also a lot of social media, so look for the most active social media accounts because you can easily connect.

For this trip, you can contact via facebook account: J&D Express Indonesia, Instagram: @jntexpressid, Twitter: @jntexpressid, WeChat: @JTExpressID and line: @jtexpressid. You are advised to get in touch with your Instagram account because you are active online or frequently.

So you can visit the J&D Call Center in a variety of ways, not just through the hotline service, but also  through sending emails or direct messages to J&D’s social media accounts, the most important thing is that you can easily report reviews, suggestions or complaints and get a quick response.

Through J&D WhatsApp number

If the above methods are still very difficult, for example, if you are not active on social media or do not have an email address, there is another way that can be the last resort, such as contacting an administrator or customer service on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a frequently used app to communicate with.

Compared to other apps, WhatsApp may even be an alternative to SMS, so you can  contact the J&D call centre with  the WhatsApp  number  +62811-8466-188.  You’ll be connected to customer service to chat  both ways, so that it’s similar to the hotline, where you can also find solutions related to complaints submitted.

Customer service also serves whole-heartedly so that there is a quick and responsive response to suggestions, reviews or complaints submitted by customers. So there is no need to worry, as various obstacles can be properly overcome and sending or receiving packages can run smoothly as usual.

The most important thing when sending a package is to make sure that you have added the correct and complete address with the zip code. Since  the complaints in the  J&D call center in general are so much from online shopping lovers that the goods don’t get damaged easily along the way, make sure to send the neatly wrapped items.

In many of the complaints, many customers agreed that the package has not yet arrived. Then the wrong address or name and home number cause the goods not to reach their destination. Then improper packing causes the materials inside to get damaged, deformed, broken and so on.

The tips for making the delivery smooth and uncomplicated are really easy, where you need to double-check the delivery address and the name you are going to, and if you always send items that are vulnerable to damage, give the warning sticker. So there  is no need for  you and the consumer to contact the J&D call centre as the delivery is going smoothly.

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