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Do not hold the Inphoenix Service Center, here are the conditions for conducting

Users of this modern technology need to be familiar with the Inphoenix Service Center. Inphoenix is one of the big companies that has now developed its business in terms of smart phones. With the production of this product, it means that Inphoenix has sold more than 10 products for sale.

One of the Inphoenix products that is now widely used is a smart phone. The company’s latest products are specially prepared to become very popular among players. It’s no wonder that the sales of the latest smart phone products have increased a lot.

Inphoenix offers service centers spread across different regions of Indonesia to ensure that all users receive the most services. That’s why customers can help quickly if they have a problem with the product they are using. This way you can easily enteran IM for device corruption.

The number of services in the Inphoenix Service Center is not the same as other smart mobile brands. However, in order to maximize its services, the company  provides inphoenix Center services, and carries services. This service is offered to users of the product who want to perform device services but are far from the service center.

Ehmfenex Khuzmtgözari

My service is a service from Inphoenix Indonesia, especially for product users who are far from the service center. Users of Inphoenix products who are entitled to use this service if the nearest service center coverage is more than 30 km. With this service, you no longer have to go all the way to the service center, but the attendant who comes to the house.

In order to be able to use my pick-up service, users of Inphoenix products only need to send an e-mail message to Then the picker or staff from Inphoenix will be able to bring the product for repair. In addition, the device will be taken to the nearest inspection and repair service center according to the complaint sent by the user.

Users usually receive immediate response emails related to complaints  submitted to the Inphoenix Service Center. If you keep me these terms and conditions of service, the pick-up will come a day later. Make sure the device is wrapped to protect safety during the return trip to the nearest service center.

This endless service that I bring is often open every Monday – Friday from 09.00 to 17.00 To verify complaints, users usually wait 1×24 hours. Users of Inphoenix products are required to fill in some personal data such as name, address, mobile phone number, city of residence, mail code, storage time, smart mobile type, IMEI number, product color and loss, and include product images

Do not hold the terms of use of the Inphoenix Service Center

Not all users of Inphoenix products can use this insurance service. However, there are conditions set by the company for users when they want to save the service. Some of the following conditions contain:

  1. Only incomplete products that still choose the guarantee can use my storage service
  2. Shiny seals on the product have not been placed or have been opened
  3. Infinix products have touch screens and LCD screens in good condition and cannot be solved
  4. There is still a guarantee card and there is evidence to buy the product
  5. Image of the state of production and delivery to the official Inphoenix email
  6. pack infinx products well when pickup comes to carry goods

The product still has a prime demand guarantee if you  want to use  this Inphoenix service center to save me. The product guarantee may be lost and empty if the user makes a mistake. One is a loss due to human error, a guarantee cannot be claimed.

In addition, previously dismembered devices cannot obtain a guarantee. Therefore, if you still have a guaranteed period, you should take it directly to an Authorized Service Center so that you can get the best service.

For users whose warranty period has expired, they can still use the Inphoenix Service Center but are not paid  or are no longer free. This fee is usually for backup costs. Compared with repairs in informal locations where devices can actually harm them more, it will be better if you enter an authorized service center.

List of official Inphoenix Service Centers in Indonesia

Inphoenix has formal service centers spread across various parts of Indonesia. This is a container for users of Inphoenix products if the Inphoenix product is damaged. In the Service Center, you can repair the device or consult only if the product is in trouble. If there is still a guaranteed period, all services will be free.

The following is a list of official service centers that are not yet complete in Indonesia:

  1. Yagadarim Dapanpasar (Bali)

The Inphoenix Service Center in Bali is located at Jalan Agung No. 140, Denpasar with phone number +62 361 9073866

  1. Interest in Bandung (Bandung)

On Jalan Taman Sari, Bandung is detailed at Bluetown Scurlt. 1 K05 – K06 with phone number +62 22 84468781

  1. I care about Batam.

located in the Vera Mestica complex C-08, Ngoya, Batam, Indonesia with connection number + 62 77 87430340

  1. I care about cyrillic.

It is located on Jalan Pasocton number 63 Serbia Indonesia with telephone number +62 231 209322

  1. Vietch (Stems)

addressed at Jel Gaja Mada Number 11-12 Jambi , with contact number +62 741 43789

  1. I know Maksaar.

Inphoenix Service Center is located at MTC Karebosi Lt.3 Block No. 3-5 on Jalan Jend Ahmed Yanni, do not call +62 24 11 3635038

  1. I care about the brain.

located in Jel City’s father, Kel Tanjung Rejo, Cake Medan Sungal, medan in detail at comp. Citya Baudy Trading Points Block BB Number 21 with connection number +62 61 8214692

  1. Tilly Wind Wendo (Palembang)

Located in Klurahan District 24 Eller, Bukit Kessel District, Jalan Litkol Iskander No. 36 Art 10/ Raw 003 with contact number +62 711 372408

  1. Hilva Sevollar-Semaring

On Jindral Street, our sergeant is 256 Semarang with 247610911 +62 contacts

  1. I care about Surabaya.

located at The Mespion Jale A square 78 Surabaya with contact number +62 31 8477889

  1. Agadarim Yukikarta

Addressed at rama marketing mall lt.2 number 26, jel ahmed yani number 73, yogyakarta with connection number +62 27 4557015

Inphoenix Service Center in Jakarta

Jakarta itself has several Inphoenix product service centers spread across several regions. Some of them are

  1. Behinka مۆنتاری Damiensi (Jakarta)

On Gung Sahari Road, 73C No. 16 10610 . Indonesia with dialing number +62 21 29292828

  1. Infinix House

At Ruko Pertokoan Roxy Mas Blok E 1 No. 5A, Central Jakarta with connection number + 62 21 6329084

  1. I will take care of the Sempaca Mass.

It is at ATC Simpatik Mas Lt.6 number H7-H8 Jl.Letjen Suprapto Central Jakarta with connection number +62 21 21480901

  1. Kahbaqizi M.C.5

located on Lt.2 Blok B number 7 Mall Ambasador with phone number +62 21 5762539

  1. I care about Roxy square.

Located in Ruko Mall Roxy square number 1 Prison Kia Tapa number 1 Jakarta with contact number +62 21 56954393

Although not as popular as other smart brands, Inphoenix has a strong commitment to satisfy and provide the best service to all its customers. This is a testament to the provision of Inphoenix Service Centers and holding services to reach users who are far from the Service Center.

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