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Here’s  how to register a telcomsal card, how to understand the details and stages

Now  prepaid SIM card  owners are required to register first. How to register a telecomsal card  Creating this keyword is  also widely sought after by internet users. Keeping in mind that since 2017, this rule has been enforced by the government with the condition that it uses  NIK  data and KK numbers.

Valid for  new and existing customers,  this registration phase uses the same steps. If you do not complete this process, the approval received is not able to activate the phone number. So it has a mandatory nature for anyone using a prepaid SIM card.

If youhave just given a card,  including telcomcell number users, you must take this step. But no need to worry, there is an easy way  to do  it  . Before we explain the stages, here are some of the most frequently asked items that relate to  how to register a  telcomcell card.

5 things to understand about telcomcell card registration

Things that must be understood and which must be understood before registering on a telcomcell card, as follows:

  1. The reason behind this

According to the Ministry of Finance and Information, the registration decision was taken  to  provide protection  to  consumers using prepaid SIM cards. Looking at the many methods of fraud such as cheating and scams  . It is also used to support a national single identity, which is one of the interests designed by the government.

The purpose of the above interests is to link the identity of the owner of their card directly to the population data. The trick is to link the cellular operator’s system to the database related to Ducapil (Population and Civil Registry Service). The legal basis itself lies in the Regulation of The Minister of Communications and Information Science’s No. 14 of 2017.

  1. Option if you do not have e-KTP

Prepaid card users don’t have to worry when they don’t have e-KTP. Because what is needed is a National Identification Number (NIK). So there  is another option to look at the  number  . You can easily view it from the Family Card (KK). So that everyone can register because all the people already have an NIK. is.

  1. Guaranteed privacy and security

Some people are from THE NIK. As well as being worried about the problem of assigning numbers. But the government guarantees the security of this data. Because it all goes to the Ducapil server. Hence it  cannot be used by telecom operators or others  . If there is a leak, it may be subject to criminal sanctions.

  1. Number of numbers for a user

Basically, a person’s data can be registered on multiple numbers  . But there are still certain conditions that apply. One of them is that it is allowed  to  register only  three special numbers that K Amu does via SMS.  It  is allowed to cross three numbers,  as long as  the telcomsel card registration  method is done directly at the outlet.

  1. Restrictions if you don’t do this

As we explained earlier, there are certain restrictions if you don’t register immediately. The first thing is that the  phone number of Telcomsel will not be active. All automatic calls, internet usage as well as messages cannot be directly r. This means that  in order to be used, this step  is necessary for you.

How to register a telecom card via SMS

This first step is the mostmuddy step and is most frequently used, i.e. through SMS. First of all, of course, you should prepare your KK and KTP in advance, it can also be just a KK. Next, youneed to open the message menu on the cellphone. Detailed steps are being given here.

  1. New user-specific stages

After the message menu opens, first write the message format REG(space)NIK#NomorKK#. After writing it successfully, then send  it to the number 4444. An example is reg 987654321 #123456789# and then send it to 4444. Later, the reply message will be sent by the operator, if the registration is processed successfully  .

  1. Old user-specific stages

The  method  of registering a telcomsal card  for older users  is almost the same format. All you need to do is add the word “repeat”. The message format  that must be written is REG (space) ULANGNIK#NomorKK#. An example is REG ULANG987654321#123456789# and then send it to the same number, which is 4444.

Later whenkamu will successfully complete this process, it will receive a response message. But it is also possible that the process may have failed due to certain reasons. If this stage doesn’t work  or fails, we’ll explain how to overcome it in the discussion at the end of the next article.

You are actually allowed to use the first or second telcomplex card registration  method  , depending on which method is easier.  Later when the process is smooth, kamu  will receive a notification  . Another indication when it is successful is that  a prepaid telcomsal card  can be used  for  telephone purposes, sending messages, the Internet, and other needs.

Easy stages of registration through telkomsel’s official website

Next up is  how to register through the website.  This second step can also be said to be quite easy.  The requirements  are the same, such as the NIK and KK numbers. It is recommended for kamu, who have internet access.  Below are the  stages of registration  by  the  official website in more detail.

  1. Go to the official website

The  first way  to register a  telcomcell card is to open the  official telcomcell website, which https://www. Telcomesal.com/. Thenopen the Yanji menu with the re-register prepaid name.  Go to https://www site option can also be used directly   . Telkomsel.com/en/prepaid registration so that it is  automatically sent to the telecomcell prepaid card registration menu.

  1. Fill in the requested documents

The next step is that you need to fill in some of the documents requested   . These documents include name, family card number, and NIK. where NIK  is also allowed to be obtained from  KTP or family card. Make sure that all the documents filled in  are correct, so that the registration stages  can be  processed smoothly later  .

After selecting the word “OK”, the terms and conditions will apply  .  The card owner can read it first.  Later, if you agree to the terms and conditions, select the “Agree” option. After that, the registration phase through this website will be successful only when the filled devices are correct.

If registration fails, try fixing it below

According to Cominfo himself, many things are the reason for the failure of the telcomasal card registration  . The first possibility is that the KTP data and the KK number have a double error, due to which it has been blocked. The second possibility is an error while filling the numbers of personal documents pertaining to the applicant for registration.

The third is the Weld KK number which has been changed to a new one as it has shifted its residence to another city. The reason for the previous failure could be that the KK number has also changed, but because the head of the family has produced his death certificate. If failure occurs because of the above, overcome it with this step

  1. Re-check the format

When the first error occurs, try to check twice whether the written data is correct. If the numbers are correct, look again at the format sent. Make sure the format, number, and letter sent for registration are all correct.

  1. Try sending text up to five attempts

Send SMS up to five tries, even when the data is correct, but still fails. After y a if the data is correct, the operator will send a reply. After that,  your  telcomcell number will be activated. There is no need to worry about the reduced credit, as the process is guaranteed to be free.

  1. Ask the outlet directly

Visit Telcomcell’s outlets while registration  continues  to fail, even if you  have  tried all of the prepaid card registration steps above  .  Don’t forget  to bring documents called KTP and KK. Later you  will be directed to give a statement letter  stating that  the  data and entity ID filled  in are correct, only after which it is processed.

The point  is that  in order to be used, you  need to select one of the stages in   this telecomcell registration  ,  you  can choose through SMS or the official website. Choose whichever is the most practical and fastest stage.  Don’t always forget to elaborate when registering for  this telcomsal card  , so that it succeeds later.

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