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Bell Center Standard Charter Indonesia 24 Jam

This 24-hour Standard Chart Indonesia call centre is actually very much needed by consumers , especially those who have debit or credit cards . This is because many customers or consumers experience problems in operating . Therefore , the role of this call center service is needed to help solve problems .

Especially during the coronavirus pandemic season , many people should stay at home and avoid the crowds . For this purpose , all services related to the standard charter card complaint or complaint will be performed online.

In addition , you can contact the call centre services to resolve all complaints or complaints immediately . So , you don’t need to come to the standard charter branch office to find solutions to the obstacles you are experiencing . Now , the standard charter call center can help you overcome these obstacles .

So , you can come back to use standard chartered products that have problems only contacting the information service center provided by the company . In addition , you also stay safe from the threat of covid-19 virus because all services are now digitally based .

List of complaints that can be resolved by the Indonesian Contact Centre for 24 hours under the Standard Charter

Since suffering from coronavirus in Indonesia , several large companies , including the Standard Charter , have improved the role of call centres to serve all complaints and obstacles experienced by consumers . Therefore , customers do not need to come to the office to take care of all obstacles to using banking services .

Because the call center services will help customers to address the problems they face . In general , complaints experienced by this customer are not very deadly . So here is a list of complaints that can still be given by the Standard Standard Indonesia call centre . One of their sentences is :

  1. ATM card planted in machine

If the ATM card is in the machine , you don’t need to be afraid . You only need to  contact indonesia ‘s standard 24-hour charter centre , which is standing to help  . Then , tell me if your ATM card hits .


So , you just need to come to the nearby branch office to get an ATM card change . The condition is that you only need to bring your empty card or passport .



  1. Placement of ATM card due to damage and damage

If you want to change old ATM to a new one , you are advised to contact the call centre immediately . Then , mention your ATM number . Then , please buy a new ATM card in the nearby section of the office .


If the ATM card is lost , you must bring a loss letter issued by the police department . You also need to bring your credit card/passport and passbook. After it has been declared valid , you will then receive an ATM card .


  1. Failed to negotiate

If your balance is suspended but the transaction is declared a failure , you are advised to immediately contact the Indonesian Call Centre service of the 24-hour Standard Charter .


The goal is to get accurate information about the reasons for not conducting transactions . Don’t forget , when you contact this call center , you should attach the transaction lip (if it is , time , date , trading place , as well as account number and ATM card number .

Estimated time is necessary to process customer complaints

After you contact the Standard Charter Bank Call Centre to convey problems or complaints about the transaction , the bank will take the necessary steps .


To change the new standard chartered Indonesian ATM card , it takes about 14 working days . In addition , atm brasma or prima placement both require about 14 working days of processing time since you contact the Standard Charter Indonesia Call Centre 24 hours a day .


After you contact the call centre service , you will receive sms notice about the complaint submitted . And if the process of making a new card is completed , you will also receive SMS notice about collecting a new ATM card .


To place a new standard chartered ATM card abroad , it takes at least 60 working days after you contact the Standard Charter Indonesia Call Centre 24 hours a day . This process is almost the same as the length of work on the placement of the MasterCard ATM card .


Therefore , it is a good idea for consumers to keep ATM cards published by standard chartered banks . Because it takes a long time to place this new card , which ranges from 14 days to 60 days (depending on the type of ATM card owned by the consumer ).


List of Indonesian standard call centres serving 24 hours a day for consumer complaints

Standard Charter Bank is a multi-national company. So , the company offers different services to the Zang Center . There are 24-hour active standard Charter Indonesia call centres to serve consumer complaints  . First , a mutual telephone centre.


This is used by consumers to deal with problems on average . Because , using this reciprocal phone , consumers can submit complaints directly . Then , consumers also receive answers from call centre officers without a long period of time .


This is just that you must pay a fee to contact the Indonesian Call Centre of the Standard Charter via a reciprocal telephone service . If your credit ends , the call will end halfway . So , make sure you have enough credit balance when contacting the call centre service from standard chart .


Second , you can use the authority of the call center from social media . To obtain the Centrist Charter , the call centre officers are warned to respond to all consumer complaints and complaints via social media such as Instag , Twitter , or Facebook .


In this way , you can enjoy expenses because there is no fee when you contact the Indonesian Call Centre 24 hours a day . It is only that officers take a long time to respond to a complaint or complaint via social media .


Therefore , you are advised to contact you if there are complaints that are important and urgent . If you want to ask questions or pursue complaints , you can contact the Standard Charter Call Centre via social media .


How to contact the Standard Chartered Bank of Indonesia call centre

If you would like to contact the Call Center service from Bank Standard Indonesia , this method is very easy . This is about the fact that there are two ways to communicate with the contact centre through a mutual telephone service . First , you can call 68,000 via mobile phone contact .


For those of you who use the landline , there  are 5 24-hour standard Charter Indonesia call centres ready to serve according to your dominic  .   It is recorded that there are five call centres , each spread in several major cities , called Surabaya (031-54728), Madan (061-061). 45728, Samrang (024-8450188), Jakarta (021-57988), and Bandung (022-4219688).


You can send an e-mail via personal email to complaints or complaints at the address  .  You can also contact the Contact Centre via social media on standard Charter Indonesia ( Facebook  ) or Steincard ( Twitter ) .


As multi-national banks in Indonesia , the Standard Charter certainly provides call centre services to respond to all customer complaints and complaints . With this service , customers can immediately solve problems or problems without having to go to the nearest branch office . So please select one of indonesia ‘s standard 24-hour  charter call centres about the obstacles you  are experiencing .

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