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Telkom 24-hour complaints call center How to contact

Telkom’s  24-hour complaints call center  is actually very important for consumers. Its existence facilitates various types of complaints. In addition, consumers can also ask some questions to clarify the service to be obtained. But in fact, the service is not entirely useful.

Some consumers don’t use it when they’re having trouble. In fact, these consumers also feel annoyed when the problem is felt. However, ignorance of how to contact CS becomes a big problem. Often some people feel ashamed when they are about to contact him. It is necessary to know that the path of thinking is completely wrong.

Don’t  let the facility in the form of a 24-hour Telkom complaints center  be wasted. If that happens, you’re actually at a disadvantage. The perceived confusion did not disappear in the end, although the confusion should have disappeared immediately when the call center was contacted. So let’s get a glimpse of the call center.

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Call center is one of the services that Telkom  provides to its customers. With this service, it is hoped that consumers can be facilitated in carrying out different types of activities. When you want to contact him, you can choose a time at any time. That’s because the CS is available for 24 hours.

However, there is a difference when you contact telkom’s complaints centre 24 hours a day with other hours. When the call center is contacted during working hours, the number of CS available is very large. With so much CS, every question is answered faster.

Several things will be noticeable if the communication with CS takes place at other times. At that time, there are fewer CS available. With this amount, it takes a little longer for the phone to pick up. However, the time is not as long as thought.

You only have to wait a while until Telkom’s 24-hour complaints centre   is ready to work. Another question that consumers often ask in the context of this call center has to do with the costs. Some people wonder if the cost of contacting the call will be charged for free or in charge.

Here it is emphasized that calls to the call center determine the rate. The rate itself is in accordance with the provider used. The more the provider sets an expensive fee, the more expensive the rate will also be. In addition to using a smartphone, contact with the call center can also be made via the fixed line.

When you contact him through the landline, the cost is also consistent with the landline phone. Of course, these costs are cheaper compared to using a provider. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a landline phone when contacting the telkom complaints center 24 hours a day.

Contact Telkom Call Center by phone

The easiest way to contact Telkom’s call center is to use a phone. As explained, CS can be contacted via smartphone or landline. But keep in mind that the numbers it uses are different. When using a smartphone, call 021-147.

Before you call directly, make sure that the electronic credit is available. There is no minimum amount of credit when you want to call. However, make sure that the credit is not less than 25 thousand. This amount can make communication flexibility feasible. this prevents the phone from breaking halfway through.

If it is interrupted, communication must be performed from scratch. If the credit is sufficient, call the number directly via the smartphone. When it is finished calling, there will be an assistance service that  explains the choice of the functions of the  Telkom complaints center 24 hours a day. To shorten the time, select the number 1.

By selecting the number, the service immediately changes to Indonesian. After selecting number 1, select number 2. There, you will immediately be asked to communicate directly with CS. This is because number 2 itself is actually dedicated to complaints in the form of interference.

From there, wait until you connect to CS and you can file personal complaints immediately. If you use a landline, the number is 147. When the  24-hour complaints call center of telkom is contacted via the fixed line, the method is slightly different than when using a smartphone.

That’s because there is no choice of numbers like when using a smartphone. If you contact us via a landline phone, you will be immediately redirected to CS. This also makes the time it takes to be shorter. The only time requirement is when you are waiting for cs availability.

You can also contact him via social media.

The biggest problem when contacting telkom’s 24-hour complaints call center  lies in the costs. There are several conditions in which you must contact him when the credit is not there and landlines are not owned. If this problem occurs, contacting via social media may be an option.

There are two social media platforms  used by Telkom. The two social media platforms include Twitter and Facebook. If you look at the ease of contact, it is better to contact via twitter. To contact him, you must first prepare your personal indication number.

This is because the number is requested later. When you’re ready, log in to your personal twitter account and follow telkom’s official twitter account. The account itself uses id@Telkom carewith features like most official accounts. To contact him you can dm or mention.

Essentially, you should list the personal house number along with the complaint that is experienced. In fact, instead of using mentions, it would be better to contact him via DM. This is because DM is much more private. Wait until you  get a response directly from Telkom. This waiting time is a maximum of 24 hours.

Usually, Telkom will solve the problem immediately  after answering  . Submitting complaints can also be done via Facebook messenger. The way to contact yourself is very similar when using twitter. First, you need to log in to your personal Facebook account.

Then search for a Telkom care accountand send a message via Facebook messenger. The message requires details of the problem along with a personal indirect proof number. The waiting time is also no more than 24 hours. Since he did not receive a direct answer like by telephone, patience was of course necessary when contacting him.

If you experience this issue, please contact the Call Center

There are several issues that require consumers to contact  Telkom’s 24-hour complaints centre. But under these problems, one of the most important conditions is when there is signal interference. Telkom itself is the largest signal service provider in Indonesia.

If the signal is problematic, you as a consumer will of course be harmed. In addition, you should also contact the call center when there is damage to Telkom devices installed at home. If the device is damaged, all services certainly cannot be used. This is very damaging to those of you who have actually paid.

In addition, you should also contact the call center if there are any questions about services that have not yet been understood. It is necessary to know that the existence of CS not only helps to solve a wide range of problems. CS also serves to help consumers clarify knowledge about the services obtained.

Make sure you don’t feel disadvantaged because of the service that isn’t to your liking. If this happens, the real fault lies with you. if you want to contact the call center, the problem must be resolved. After all, it is technically very easy to contact Telkom’s  24-hour complaints centre.

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