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10 R esesep MAsakan regularly in West Java

These 10  pills of the West Jarvanian dish we will review must be familiar because they are truly popular foods by many, while every region in Indonesia has a variety of flavors but still tastes good, including West Java.

West Java has traditional delicious foods and is smooth with perfumes, and most of West Java’s traditional foods contain basic fish such as fifty germs.

So when you’re bored at home, you can try  some of the lists to explain below, from dry food to moisturiser. There are many West Javenet foods, and for more details, let’s look at 10 recipes for West Javanese food.

Image of the Sabbath of West Java

Ceblach is one of the  traditional western Javanese  foods that are developing  in various regions. Its distinctive taste , such as perfume , is relatively low for all groups , such as students .

Seblack contains crackers, feet, meat, vegetables, white rice  , onions, eggs, eggs, galangles, salt, and sugar Preparation is also easy, and it is also easy to add key components and add white water to taste.

Tutug San Oncom

One of the 10 vegetables for the West   Javan vegetable diet is this traditional tasteless meal   with  warm rice and rice. Before doing so, prepare components such as oncom, kayak pepper, red  rice, white rice, galilee, and salt.

Another additive is shrimp, which will taste good computer rice, which is used to bake all the components except dry. Then purify all the spices and at the same time stir with warm grain so you can eat all the spices.

Cardboard Specials

Another 10 techniques for west Javan vegetable food are vegetables, and vegetables grow vegetables.  The  leaves are  green vegetables: eggs, cucumbers, bass, gobetos, long legumes,  satos, tea, and vegetables. Next, they will add delicious spices, such as peanut butter.

This ingredient is made from beans, green, javanni sugar, carbohydrates pepper, salt, and gallaghangles. Mixing vegetables with peanut flavors until they are mixed and evenly distributed, and you are  ready to eat  West Javenus with your beloved family.

 Serene, a western Javanese snake

Serene is  one  of 10 recipes for West Javanese specialties you  shouldn’t miss. The market has a wide variety of circular flavors, including  flour, dried, pepper powder, and salt.

The way to do this is to mix tapioca flour and flour and add other ingredients while slowly pouring hot water Don’t forget to stimulate the dough, and then you can dry it when you take a little dough and shape it like a cracker.

Delicious Maranggi Satay

One  of the next 10 methods for West Javan  specialization is the Maranggi satay, which is widely found in PowerCarter, Don’t forget to taste the food- if you miss out on wanting to enjoy this usual PowerCarter satori, you can do it yourself at home.

Previously, spices made first of all with spices, corriander powder, sugar, red sugar, tamarin, salt, salt and pepper were first repaired Add all the ingredients, add water to the flavor, and then prepare the beef that is cut into small pieces, ready to be burned with spices.

Surabi food

If you enjoy   delicious dishes  with  your daily life, Surabi can be the right choice, especially if you eat it with coffee. The materials used to make surabi are wheat, wheat, oncom, salt, coconut milk, and tops.

It is also quite easy to blend in flour and salt, then add a little coconut milk while stimulating coconut milk to smooth it. Make the dough smoother, allow it to sit for an hour, then pour the top-filled dough over Surabi in style.

Puerto Rico in Cassava

Peyem is  one of 10 ways you should try  for West Javan specializations. Administered fermentation can be done at home personally, and you need to prepare cleaned cassava and yeasts to  taste.

The first step to prepare is to evaporate the cassava until it is cooked, remove it until it is dry, and then bathe on the cassava. Spray the cassava in a container and close the container strictly. Wait about 3 to 5 days until the server turns into tape.

Gejrot Tofu Food

The 10 techniques for West Javanese vegetable food will be more complete with the presence of hajjrot tofu, made from salt, salt, sugar, sugar, green, kayak pepper and water .

The process is to mix tarmac, soybeans, salt, salt, water, and  sugar until it is thick. Tense: Don’t forget to thoroughly mix the ulek material to make it easier to beat with a fragmented tofu pound.

Dgit Dodol Recipe

West Java is unaware of the law of Dodo, and he may often buy it as a memorial during his West Java vacation.  You can  also do it yourself from home, including white sugar, white grain, a variety of flavours, brown sugar, coconut milk and milk  .

Coconut milk is to be cooked with milk, javan sugar, white rice, sugar and water. Stir, then divide the dough into several components, add different colors and then roll them into smaller parts, such as dodolls.

Comro and Misro Seconds

If you are not  satisfied with the recipes for the above-mentioned West Javanese food  ,  you can try steel and misro. The two foods are fragmented and then formed: add other spices, such as pepper, salt, and corriada.

Combine all the ingredients evenly until they are doughy, then gradually take it and shape them in a jumping way, and don’t forget to add supplements such as brown sugar and oncom, so add the addictive flavor.

There are still many foods in West Java, and easy ingredients and techniques can make it unnecessary to go to West Java to buy it, so we need to try  10 recipes for West Javanese vegetable food  .

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