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Dukcapil West Java L service  completed for the needs of the community

It is very important  for people to use the  various services provided by  the West Java dukcapil.   Each resident should definitely be recorded in detail as the color of the state for the needs of state archives. From there it will be clearly known about the rights and obligations of an Indonesian citizen.

During the state life in the territory, of course,  everyone wants to get a level of welfare as a resident.   In addition, the province is one of the regions with the largest population of   the country.   Since  it is located close to the center of government of the country,  the province should  pay special attention to its inhabitants.

To date,  population data  will show how the  level of well-being of society is,  based on various aspects.   If all obligations are fulfilled,  the rights of society will of course also be  obtained  without discrimination.   In fact, there are many interests and needs, so they must be met so that people’s living standards increase.

This discussion will explain the profile of the population in  Dukcapil district, West Java.  This data will  also  make it easier for the government to control all elements as intended. For the sake of the common good, of course, it can form  achievements that  can be enjoyed by the people and the government.

 Population growth in the West Java region

When calculating the number of settled inhabitants of the region, the census program has become the main way.   The government always launches a program every year ,  to understand the number of people  as a whole.   A lot  of time has passed since the population census can be used as  an accurate  method of calculation  throughout the year.

Seeing a significant increase in the number of people  , of course, it  can be used to form strategic policies.   Thus, the way the census  is carried out is  also focused on collecting  accurate data  from house to house.  With this method, it is possible to find out in detail about the data of people by  gender group.

According to data recorded at the  West Java dukcapil office, there were 25,265,315 people in the male sex.   Meanwhile, in  the female  gender data  – there were 24,670,543 people with a lower comparison.   A total of  49,935,858 people were added to the civic register through the census program.

The data is  for 2020.   the results of the census program, thus showing the latest population figures.   Due to the diversity  of human origins in the region, it can certainly be used as a government  plan.  Every policy strategy must be able to be targeted by all community groups to maintain the value of justice.

Public  services  must also be equipped in the  best possible way  to ensure the best possible impact in terms of community needs.   As long as the government provides services to the  end, it will naturally be able to accept all groups well.   As long as your data is recorded in   the government census program, it will certainly be more convenient in society.

The most comprehensive types of services of government agencies

Throughout the life of the country, it is clear that every citizen is inseparable from  the power  of  the West Java dukcapil.   All citizens must have an identity that is officially and legally registered in government data  .   This has become an  obligation  if  you live in this country .

There are various functions for recording data of citizens  through services that are responsible for affairs.   Starting with education, employment, insurance and almost all other aspects will relate to  data  .   The reason is, the data  has a function to show that you are a citizen with official status.

The first example  , which concerns services in  the government system, is the collection of data to have an identity card.   This identity is mandatory for all orang whose minimum age is 17 years as a criterion.  Starting with having an ID card, later it can be used to take care of many other things that you need.

To get an identity card, you definitely need to register  with all the data through the  West Java dukcapil service.  But this is not the whole type of service from the service, because the attention is very great.   Another example is the collection of data in order to receive special assistance from the program from the government in accordance with certain criteria.

Through management in this case, you will like  programs designed specifically for a particular group.   This means that  at least you need a  personal identity to be officially registered in the affairs of the population as soon as possible.   It is guaranteed that it will feel  more comfortable  – if things with  the  government are completed for special payments.

Can take care of E-KTP and other data on the Internet

Due to  the advancement of increasingly modern technology,  the West  Java dukcapil office is  also trying to improve its quality.   In particular, the quality of public services will be focused on complex systems that  will help meet the needs of society.   The real evidence can be seen from the  online system, relying on the Internet to meet  various needs.

Due to the presence of the Internet, it is not always necessary to visit an official office, if this can be done via the Internet.   It has been proven that the help of these objects  also facilitates more flexible community activities.   There is no doubt that the objective of the government , related to this innovation, is an efficient and efficient service.

The reason is that a very large population must be able to cause huge needs at all times.   If you succeed in realizing online services, it will certainly make you more comfortable, without the need for mobility.   Even from home, you need to solve various affairs, since they are equipped with a complex system via the Internet.

An example of  a West Java dukcapil service that  needs to be done online is the provision of E-KTP.  To submit, by filling out the form, you can contact through  an Internet device so that you do not have to go to the queue for a long time.  From there, there was a big change –  supporting the well-being of people, starting with service.

For married couples who have just married, of course, they can easily take care of the family card.  Thus, it is guaranteed that later it will be more practical  to receive services in order to take care of important things.   In a sense, you don’t have to worry and complicate things when  applying for services if necessary.

Reporting systems can help improve services

Since there is a complete and integrated type of service, all facilities are accessible to different countries.   Whether it’s a community or a government, an online system can be used to the best of its ability during working hours.   In addition, there are  special services that  can be  used to report different types of complaints.

Through a utility called Report, you can use the  system to submit suggestions and criticisms.   In general, criticism can be made if you believe that there is a shortage of government services. On the other hand, the program  “Report” is  also used as a tool for submitting proposals in case of  a deposit.

Of course, every form of criticism and suggestions from the community can help  West Java dukcapil improve its quality.   As a result  of such two-way interaction and communication, there is no doubt that changes will occur.   The hope of an online system certainly forces citizens to express  their personal opinions without hesitation.

The Lapor app and website can be used for a full 24 hours, making it easier for you to access it.  All input forms will be used as an attempt at change to make the service better.   If it succeeds in realizing all the needs of the people, it will certainly become more convenient for all countries.

From now  on, there is nothing to worry about from the latest system  of the  government  service of  state registration.   All services can be supported practically using Internet technology and ensuring data  security  .   In this way, it is guaranteed that all people in  Dukcapil district, West Java, will be able to enjoy the most complete facilities.

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