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West Java Training Calendar Regulation in the New Normal Period

At the moment, the world is  experiencing a crisis due to the spread of a dangerous virus, which has caused a small change in the arrangement of the West Java training calendar. This is because after the government banned residents from leaving the house to avoid being affected by the virus, it is still considered dangerous that learning activities must continue to continue during this pandemic period.

Therefore, changes in the learning system are determined by the Education Office and this applies to all educational institutions and institutions in Indonesia. From what was initially face-to-face, now students and teachers must start learning online using an app to keep learning, even if they have to force both parties to be able to use gadgets.

Of course, this was initially welcomed by parents, because learning can continue in the midst of this difficult time. For Java and its surroundings, local governments must comply with regulations set by the Office of Education. With this decision, the West Java training calendar has definitely undergone changes.

If you look deeper, the changes in regulations become more saturated because the tasks assigned make it passive and difficult to get learning materials according to the curriculum. Students may only receive some materials, but even then it takes a short time without a definitive explanation, because online activities cannot always be effective in ensuring learning.

Office of Education and Government Strive to Support Learning

As online activities were considered difficult to do, the Government and West Java Governor Ridvan Kamil and several dedicated staff finally tried to provide various assistance programs to support the learning process. But you make it easy because the program  does not affect the West Java training calendar , so that learning activities can continue to be carried out.

Charity programs to support education in the West Java region include Monthly Student Contributions (IBPD), One-Stop Integrated Schools, West Java Playground, Economically Disadvantaged Families (KETM), Universal Secondary Education Assistance (BPMU), and various scholarships from the Vocational High School Revitalization and the Office of West Java Education.

Of course, this is good news because government activities want to support learning activities during the contagious virus pandemic. But unfortunately the program is only valid in the first semester in the West Java training calendar period  for the semester 2020/2021,  so that the program ended yesterday in December 2020.

But even though there is no aid fund in 2021, you are making it easier, you are getting help from the government, especially the West Java Regional Government, which is trying to lower school fees. Moreover, the government is still running the KIP and Dana Bos programs to support the learning process in the current new normal.

Setting Up West Java Training Calendar Learning Events

Currently, the learning activities of all agencies and educational institutions still use online methods, so that learning activities still need to be carried out. Although many parents are unhappy, of course this is one of the government’s concerns about the safety of its people and not avoiding infectious diseases.

Also, after learning activities began to use online methods, many students have now been saved from the attack of the infectious virus. Since the  second semester of the West Java educational calendar began yesterday, January 11, 2021, many students have begun to get used to online learning methods so that past problems have been somewhat resolved.

Students will then continue to use this learning method until it is completely safe, and it will be confirmed that there is no danger of infectious risk when they begin the face-to-face interview. Despite this, the Office of Education is still trying to change the training curriculum to better suit online learning methods that were inappropriate because they were initially face-to-face.

So far, various new assignments have begun to be given, such as making gymnastics videos or apps, so that students can continue to move actively even if they use online learning methods. Over time, the  second  semester of the West Java training calendar will be completed on June 25, 2021 with the report card distribution method like the previous semester.

Government Seeks Cooperation from All Parties to Support Learning

With the current new normal era, learning activities are more directed and focused on creating more learning comfort for everyone involved. Whether parents, teachers and students, the Office of Education and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendikbud) continue to strive to provide the best for their younger generation.

Even over time, the online learning system has started to be accepted by all circles of society. From kindergarten to higher education tutoring activities, online systems have been used as the most effective learning method to protect everyone’s health, whether from dangerous virus attacks or other problems.

In addition, there are currently several green zones in West Java that allow students to attend school. But still, it should be noted that in order for certain problems not to arise, they all need to follow valid protocols. The West Java training calendar will take a few steps, following the local government a bit to adjust the situation.

The green zone is safe for the community for a while in the sense that it is one of the areas with a low level of virus spread. However, the West Java regional government still urges the public to abide by the applicable rules. If not, there is a penalty for not following the applicable rules.

Uses of Online Learning Activities for Teachers and Students

As we know, online learning is currently the most effective method to avoid infectious viral diseases.  In addition to the normal learning activities that follow  the West Java training calendar, teachers should also adapt to the new material curriculum from the Office of Education so that they can be more comfortable teaching.

Since this is new to most people in Indonesia, of course, it will be very difficult to get used to the early days due to the lack of experience in some areas. But over time, the West Java regional government believes that all working personnel and manpower will be able to get through this difficult time together.

The West Java training calendar is indeed a reference for teachers and tutors to do their best within a predetermined period of time. This will of course always be guided by the government so that the Indonesian people can get used to their new learning systems and patterns to face the new normal era.

As a teacher, you can continue to do your best to support students to continue to grow in the midst of these very bad circumstances. Don’t lose your spirit and keep trying to keep going so that you can afford a good day in the future. Education will always be a priority in order to respond to the demands of the younger generation.

The government will also continue to try to make the best effort from Bos and KIP funds so that every child can enjoy better learning. Not only West Java, but all the provinces in Indonesia are experiencing the same thing and continue to fight.  Referring to the West Java educational calendar, we can continue to move forward to improve the achievements of the younger generation.

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