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Exciting experience when visiting West Java Tourism, dare to try?

You can easily find various tourist attractions in West Java with various complete facilities. From mountainous areas, beaches, forests, parks, to outgoing areas, you can all choose as you like. This diversity is of course influenced by many factors from geographical location to a good management system.

Geographically, the province with the city of Bandung is located west of  the island of Java. It borders directly on  the  Java Sea to the north, DKI Jakarta and Banten  to the  west, the Indian Ocean to the south. The topography   of  West Java province is more dominant on the mountain path of fire either still active or dead.

Speaking of West Java tourist attractions  ,  almost all regents / cities have their own characteristics and tend to be very complete, especially the Bandung area. Almost all varieties of destinations exist until the culinary is so tasty. Of course, West Java also gets the nickname as a tourist paradise with high visits every year.

In addition,   there are also  religious to cultural tours also available completely. The tendency of the people of West Java, in fact, makes the majority of Sundanese tribes to preserve their culture the atmosphere of local wisdom so thick. This can be seen from the daily life of the people to how to make all the interesting traditional processions that are traced.

Rows of Wisata objects popularly visited by Wan Tourism

The richness of West Java tourism with all its potential is truly beyond doubt. It is proved that almost all  tourist destinations  are always crowded with local  and even foreign tourists.   There are  many tourist attractions, there are some places that are very popular for their natural beauty so they are never deserted. One of them is Pangandaran beach.

Who does not know the beach in the southeastern part of West Java has fine white sand with clear water. Pangandaran has never been absent from being empty of visitors until it was once named  the best beach. Its beauty is so enchanting, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Green canyons do not become less beautiful. Green canyon or often called Cukang Taneuh is located 31 km from Pangandaran beach. When you visit, you will be treated to a range of shady trees with high high cliffs. Usually, visitors enjoy its charm by taking a boat or swimming in the area.

If you like challenges, you must try rafting on the Citarik River. The river  located in  the Sukabumi regency is a popular  tourist spot in West Java for those who want to test their adrenaline. However, the depth of the river is not deep, the rocks on the edge give a challenging effect. Sometimes try the sportof rafting on the spot.

In addition to the beaches, West  Java  is also rich in  waterfalls among a Cikaso LOCATED near Ujung Genteng. The waterfall with a height of about 100 meters has three waterfalls. In addition to the clear waterin sunny conditions, rainbows are often found between the three waterfalls.

Trying West Javanese culinary is addictive

Visiting tourist attractions in West Java feels lacking when you haven’t tried its typical culinary scene. Among them, teak leaf jamblan rice is popular in Cirebon. Rice wrapped in teak leaves has existed since Dutch colonization. It consists of rice combined with side dishes, as well as chili sauce so delicious taste. In addition, the price is very affordable.

Tired of processed rice, there’s nothing wrong with trying whipped noodles. The process is so legendary in West Java, especially Bandung. One bowl includes egg noodles, bean sprouts, mustard greens and duan onions that then, over time, plus meat fillings for meatballs. At first glance, it looks like chicken noodles, but the taste of the soup is very different.

Karedok is definitely familiar with hearing the name of the food. Typical culinary made from raw vegetables is served complete with a dash of delicious peanut seasoning. Similar to a hodgepodge, however, karedok greens  are left  raw to keep them fresh. The culinary is easily found  in  almost all tourist attractions in West Java.

When your stomach growls, there’s nothing wrong with trying lengko rice. The rice along with a combination of vegetables and fried foods is so delicious that it is eaten at noon. The peanut sauce is so salty that it makes the flavor more complete. The culinary also contains  a lot of protein because there is tofu and tempeh in it.

Fried bean sprouts are the next culinary dish no less delicious. Many people menug h a bean sprout are processed by frying, in fact they are actually cooked.   The term fried is due to the fact that the bean sprouts are cooked in thefrying pan. As a complement, a portion of fried bean sprouts plus noodles, ketupat and oncom soup.

Tips for backpacker-style vacations in West Java

A backpacker-style vacation in addition to being challenging is also suitable for you to be limited in financial considerations. Those of you who intend  to  go on vacation to several West Java tours can apply it. It’s just that beforeyou look at where your holiday destination is. This includes transportation that will be used during the holidays.

In addition, the main thing is to prepare the necessary budget. Since the holiday will be backpacker-style even if the budget is limited, how much will have to be handled in such a way that it will not be less. That is why it is important to take into account all needs, including choosing a tourist destination. Only bring things as needed so as not to be too cumbersome during the trip.

If the holiday is carried out for several days, you should choose accommodation with low rental prices. Not only cheap but it needs to be strategically close to some of your tourist destinations. The reason, of course, is to save transportation costs considering that the budget you have is very limited. So it really needs to be saved only for important purposes.

The next tip is to try to eat at street vendors. Food sold on the street usually in addition to being delicious is relatively inexpensive. You don’t have to worry about tourist attractions in West Java lined up with street vendors selling their wares. You just have to choose what food you want to eat.

Recommended souvenirs for cheap festive families

Satisfied with traveling around and enjoying a vacation in West Java is important to buy typical souvenirs as innate. Your family naturally feels happy when you buy it for her. Among the typical West Javanese souvenirs often chased by tourists is dodol garut. Dodol is the most famous snack and its price is cheap.

There are many flavors to choose from, ranging from pineapple, chocolate, durian and others. Dodol is very easy to find throughout theWest Java region, especially souvenir shops. In addition to its sweet and legitimate taste, dodol is a typical snack for West Java tourism  that is often bought by tourists.

In addition to dodol, there is also chocodot. Chocodot is another variant that combines dodol and chocolate. The snack, which is often called brown dodol, is small in size along with a round shape like steamed buns. Almost all flavor varieties are available ranging from bitter chocolate, milk and others. As for the price, of course, it is very friendly in your pocket.

If it happens to be in Lembang, it is mandatory to buy milk tofu. In appearance, it looks like tofu in general, but in terms of texture it is very different. When eaten, the tek s tour feels soft in the mouth because milk is added during production.  Since the taste is unusual, it is natural that Lembang milk tofu has always been a favorite.

For dry snacks, it is mandatory to purchase oncom chips and tempeh. Oncom chips are basically made from fermented peanuts that are then dried and cut. The taste can also be selected to taste. In addition, there are also many other souvenirs that make holidays to West Java tourist attractions even more exciting.

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